Frontera offers a comprehensive menu of procedures to test a patient’s heart, lungs and vascular system.

Cardiopulmonary Metabolic Exercise Stress Testing (CMET)

This is a non-invasive test that assesses the cardiopulmonary system as a whole. The CMET consists of a full array of pulmonary function tests (PFTs), gas exchange (oxygen consumption) analysis during exercise and electrocardiogram (ECG) monitoring. The CMET is the only test that directly measures maximal Metabolic Equivalents or METs, an exact index of the patient’s functional capacity. Compared to a traditional ECG stress test, the CMET is a more accurate test in detecting heart disease and provides more comprehensive clinical data that helps differentiate between heart & lung limitations, deconditioning or a combination of these conditions.

Pulmonary Function Test (PFT)

This is a series of breathing tests that evaluates lung function. The PFT measures how well air can move in-and-out of the lungs and as well as how much air is moving. The additional use of bronchodilator medication or exercise with a PFT allows for analysis of the effects and severity of asthma.

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    • “Frontera is our one-stop shop for patient testing. Patients want to go to one place to have their tests done and they’d rather come to our office than go somewhere unfamiliar to them. And I’m especially pleased with Frontera’s stress testing. It is unique from other companies because it really shows how the heart and lungs work together, which can help me make a better diagnosis and then better help the patient stay motivated to take their medications and improve their health.”
      Dr. Carlos Herrera