Medical tests don’t have to be a pain

Admit it – having medical tests done can be a hassle, perhaps a bit frightening.  But that changes when Frontera is administering the tests.  Frontera works with your doctor to make sure that the process is convenient and easy, while getting the medical care you need.

First, you don’t have to go to a hospital, diagnostic center or specialist’s office that you don’t know.  Instead, you go to your doctor’s office, where Frontera will have its mobile diagnostic equipment.   Frontera will even work with your insurance company to verify your coverage.

Frontera’s staff members are trained and certified professionals who are experts at administering their tests, but with a human touch.  Our staff provides compassionate care.  All tests are then analyzed by our team of specialists such as cardiologists, radiologists and vascular surgeons.  They read the tests and present the results in a format that’s easy for you to understand.

Now, there’s no excuse not to get the tests you need.  After all, it may be the best move you can make toward becoming healthier.

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    • "I had a patient who had an ultrasound test completed by Frontera in the office, tell me that she had a good experience and that the technician was so nice and caring. This patient was very glad that she didn't have to go to an outside radiology office to have the procedure done."
      Dr. David Sneed