For Physicians

Benefits for using Frontera

Frontera brings heart, lung, vascular and neurological diagnostics to physicians for the convenience and ease of their patients and their practices. Our value proposition is that we improve patient compliance, offer better convenience, help physicians make more qualified referrals and enhance their revenue.

Better diagnostic results:

Frontera staff members are trained and certified professionals using the latest technology for the best results.  Guiding them is our team of medical reviewers, who provide the expert analysis of all patient tests.

Happy patients:

Frontera treats your patients like you want them to be treated. In addition to being trained professionals, our staff provides compassionate care. We make it easy and convenient for patients to get their tests, which helps improve patient retention compliance.

Generate passive revenue for your practice:

Frontera makes it easy for you to add value to your practice with in-office testing services. Rather than referring your patients out for testing, these procedures allow you to:
• Provide better continuity of care in your office
• Build a solid baseline analysis on each patient
• Maintain a one-on-one relationship with your patients
• Increase the net operating income of your practice


Frontera makes it easy for your patients to get the tests they need. They come to your office, rather than going directly to an unfamiliar hospital or diagnostic center. Frontera handles insurance company verification, making it easy for your practice and your patients.

For more information about how Frontera and its mobile testing services can help you, please contact us here:

    • “Frontera is our one-stop shop for patient testing. Patients want to go to one place to have their tests done and they’d rather come to our office than go somewhere unfamiliar to them. And I’m especially pleased with Frontera’s stress testing. It is unique from other companies because it really shows how the heart and lungs work together, which can help me make a better diagnosis and then better help the patient stay motivated to take their medications and improve their health.”
      Dr. Carlos Herrera