We Save Lives

Core Values

  • Provide Exceptional Service
  • Do the Right Things Right
  • Deliver clinical Excellence


As part of Frontera’s desire to be known as an “Exceptional CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Provider”, we have implemented new standards throughout the organization that will ensure we are delivering excellence across the board.

As part of our comprehensive strategy, we have introduced a concept called, C.I.C.A.R.E. “See-I-Care”, to our staff of field technicians and office personnel.

We have created a STANDARD OF EXCELLENCE that is guaranteed to set us apart from anyone else in the industry. We firmly believe that we are the best provider of diagnostic testing in the industry. We also believe in always raising the bar.

We have an opportunity to build something very special. We have the opportunity to truly make an impact on every patient, physician, staff member and fellow employees that we engage with every day. With that, we are proud to provide exceptional service to our customers as we “live” out the C.I.C.A.R.E principles.