Quality Assurance Overview

Frontera specializes in taking care of people, whether it's the physicians and staff members of a medical practice or the patients taking the tests. We bring the human touch to what we do. One way we do this is by providing comprehensive and convenient service to physicians and their patients from the start to the finish of the testing process, and by treating people with compassion along the way. For us at Frontera, it's about a lot more than just a diagnostic test. It's about healthy patients and a healthy practice.

Test Results in 3 Days or Less

As part of its comprehensive service, Frontera provides a scoring report for each patient's test results which is delivered within 3 business days after the test. Results are over-read by a specialist, as well as our in-house Quality Assurance Overread team. The purpose of the scoring report is to provide a summarized expert review of the test results. This report will assist the physician in making an informed clinical decision.

Frontera offers additional tools and resources to assist physicians in interpreting test results. Frontera's medical reviewers are available to consult with physicians on an as-needed basis.

Medical Reviewers

Frontera works with a group of specialists who are experts in their appropriate fields to monitor, review and then report diagnostic test results. This is part of the comprehensive service Frontera provides to make mobile diagnostic testing easy, convenient and accurate for medical practices and their patients.

These medical reviewers are board-certified in their respective specialty areas and have years of practice experience. Their specialty areas include cardiology, neurology, pulmonology, radiology and vascular.

Rest assured that qualified, caring physicians are analyzing and interpreting Frontera's testing results.

Certified Clinicians

Our staff is comprised of trained and certified professionals who are experts at administering the tests they specialize in. They also are rigorous about keeping up with continuing education and medical advancements in their fields.

For Cardiopulmonary Metabolic Stress Testing (CMET), we employ exercise physiologists who typically have a minimum of a masters' degree in exercise physiology and/or extensive experience in cardiopulmonary testing. All of Frontera's exercise physiologists are ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) certified and must successfully complete a lengthy internal training process to show mastery in performing all procedures. On the sonography side, our clinicians have gone through accredited training, are registered in echo, vascular, and/or general ultrasound, and have extensive experience in songraphy testing.

Patient Pre-Certification

Frontera is dedicated to providing tools to relieve a burden from your office staff by providing billing expertise and patient eligibility services. In most cases, our billing staff will pre-certify every patient to verify insurance benefits and provide this information to you before the patient is tested. We will also give guidance on how to properly bill for our services. When we begin our partnership with a medical practice, we conduct an orientation for its staff to review all scheduling, billing and testing procedures before work begins. It's just part of our comprehensive service.


Frontera utilizes the latest equipment for all of our testing for top-quality results. We work closely with the equipment manufacturers to make sure that we have the equipment that provides the diagnostics that physicians need and want. In addition to being certified, our professional clinicians are trained on each piece of diagnostic equipment that they use. The clinicians are experts in these diagnostics so that they can tell patients exactly what to expect. In addition, we have supporting equipment (e.g. crash cart, oxygen, defibrillator, etc.) ready to ensure safety during stress testing.


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